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What Some Clients Have To Say:

“I have used Jed for all my computer issues. He gets the job done expertly and at an affordable price. That's why I call him and recommend him to friends and colleagues.”

Gary G. – Music Industry
“Jed is terrific. He is always timely, efficient, brilliant and always solves my problems. I have recommended him to clients and friends. He has always been able to get me out of trouble. Nothing else has to be said!! He is the best. My computers love him.”

Bruce Bennett - CPA
“Jed is far and away the best IT Consultant we've hired over the years. He responds quickly, identify's the problem quickly, and is more than fair with his fee schedule. Look no further...”

Larry Block - Entrepreneur
“Jed is a great asset for anyone to have on their team. Jed is a hard working, dedicated and tenacious technician. His ability to follow through and resolve any type of issue with compassion and understanding is top notch. He goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer is happy with the resolution to their problem, all the while maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor.”

Brian Young - DBA NOC Analyst/SYBASE DBA, AOL
“Jed has fixed and cleaned up my work computers several times. I trust him to do a great and timely job.”

Michele Amowitz - Small Business Owner
“Jed is a GREAT computer/information tech! He's knowledgeable, patient, and he gets the job done for a more-than-fair cost. He shows up on time, he's very reliable and when things go awry (as they often do, when dealing with computers!), he is able to think outside-the-box to complete the task at hand. I would have no hesitation at recommending Jed for any computer needs.”

Don Adams - Pastor
“Jed is a total pro! He really knows his stuff and can help you with your computer issues on many, many levels. He fees are very reasonable, he stands by his work, which these days is rare, and can be counted on to do the job right.”

Larry Zimberg - Entrepreneur
“Jed is a very personable, Creative, On time, Great value, I could go On, and, On, Oh, and Trustworthy gentleman I’ve ever used for repairing, and maintaining my computers. Would and I have recommended his services to other friends and Associates. Can't go wrong with his services and presence.”

Bill Weinman - Retired
“TekBeast was able to quickly and efficiently diagnose my desktop problems (virus and dust) and with minimal delays to my work schedule. Best part was....He did it IN my home. I would contact him for diagnosing and repairing your computer, getting rid of virus' and making upgrades. Quick and Reasonable and yes, he does house calls. I strongly recommend him for jobs big and small! A pleasure to work with and he has reasonable rates too...not like those geek squad guys who are available never on your timeline! Check out Jed, you'll be pleased!”

Beth S. - Internet Technologies
I needed a new desktop computer and was thinking of getting one built from scratch. Even though I live on the East Coast, I chose TekBeast on a recommendation, and then vetted out 4-5 references, all of whom spoke glowingly of the company. Jed talked with me for an hour to assess my computing needs, then quoted me a reasonable price for a customized machine.

He built and shipped it promptly, then spent hours over the phone remotely accessing it to adjust the settings and add software to meet my needs. Since then, Jed has been available on short notice, even at night, to help with problems -- determining software incompatibilities and needed tweaks. He consistently goes beyond the call of duty. This is my dream computer, and I would rely on TekBeast for virtually any computing need”

Barry Y. - Journalist
"Jed has helped me in fixing and updating my computer many times over.  Jed has the expertise to diagnose the problem, attack it and resolve it in a short amount of time.  Not just general knowledge but even in the quirky can Jed help.  Once having changed my motherboard I needed to get several devices working off my power supply.  Jed knew the specific wires to intercept to bring power to each device.  I got dizzy just trying to watch him go through the rainbow and know what exactly to do.  Jed has a great working knowledge of LAN,  ISP's, Networking Operating Systems and other software that has proven helpful to my applications time and again. "  

Milo H. - Home User, California
"After being in business for 30 years, and not being computer literate, I feel that finally I have found someone who can relate to my problems. Jed has been a pleasure to deal with on all levels. Once a problem is outlined, he makes quick decisions and explains his reasoning, so that it makes perfect sense. If new soft/hardware is needed to correct the situation at hand, he shops prices and delivers in a timely and least expensive fashion. It's nice to have confidence in an area that seemed somewhat foreign. If only I had known Jed a few years ago, I could have realized many lost opportunities."

Irwin O. - President Wholesale Nursery, California
"It is easy to find a computer technician but it hard to find a computer technician that cares.  Jed understands my computer emergency is his computer emergency.  I thank him for being there when I need him the most."  

Ralph H. - Insurance, California
"As an attorney with a pressure filled New York City practice, I place a premium on responsiveness and practical solutions. Jed Bauman quickly became our go-to guy for all of our tech needs. Whether upgrading our system, trouble shooting, or solving a software/hardware crisis, Jed Bauman continually impressed me with his technical expertise, quick responses and practical, cost effective results."

Andrew M. - Attorney, New York
"Greetings one and all,  I just want to let all of you know how brilliant Jed is. He is always there to prevent me from melting down when the computer decides it is time to scare the crud out of me.  Jed always says "No problem, I can fix it". Peace of mind is a very important commodity.  I highly recommend Jed’s services. Let him look at your system
before there is a problem. It will be the best time you have ever purchased."
Bruce B. CPA - Agoura, CA

“Simply a wonderful person; has a great balance of technical and sales knowledge.”

Brenton C - Representative Support Team, AOL
“Jed is a people oriented, very detailed and tenacious worker who will do what it takes to get the job done. He is not shy about thinking outside of the box and discovering new solutions to problems.”

“Jed is personable, honest, and straight-forward. I enjoyed having him as an employee in a high-visibility position. I could always count on his positive effort, positive attitude, and positive results!”

Vern C. - General Manager, CompUSA, Inc.

“Jed Bauman is Technical oriented and he is great on Tech. Support. Jed will be an asset to any company.”

Kenneth G. - Certified Apple Technician, CompUSA
"Having worked in the field of Plastic Injection Mold Making for over 40 years, I have always believed in 'Measure Twice  & Cut Once!' which is how Jed services his clients.  Jed helped keep my previous system limping along until I was ready for a new system.  After spending time with me looking at 'pre-builds' we decided the best thing for me was a custom built.  Jed shopped with me, built the system, tested it, delivered, configured and installed it, all for less then a similar pre-built.  When I moved up to a high-speed connection, he returned, connected me, showed me how it works, configured my new email, and assured my  anti-virus safety.  When I married, Jed installed and configured a home network to include my wife's system, set us up to share a printer, and then helped with upgrades to a scanner, digital camera and related software, a flat-screen display and then helped me add in my wireless note book and set that up to connect though my cell phone. He's The Best!"

Don L. - Retired, California
"Whether dealing with virus removal, system rebuilds, my office network, new system suggestion; configuration and installation, middle of the night/weekend emergencies You're awesome!!!"

Larry B. - Legal Services, California
"You have been great in helping over the years defend my computer systems from hacker attacks and in keeping informed of timely updates to my systems"

John W. M.D. - New York
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